You should have a pretty good understanding of blockchain if you have read through our first chapters in the Advanced Level and made it this far. After we have covered the ideas and value propositions of blockchain in the first chapter we looked at the concepts that make blockchain work. In this chapter, we will look at a small subunit of the blockchain, a tiny piece in the puzzle. The blockchain is made of many blocks which in turn are containers for transactions.

The UTXO Model

Most blockchains use the UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) Model to track a user's funds. Here we show you how it works.

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Block Explorer Continued

A block explorer is a tool that lets you browse the data on a blockchain. Here we take a look at what kind of information you will find.

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Atomic Swaps

Lastly, we want to show you a special type of transaction. An Atomic Swap lets you exchange two different cryptocurrencies without using an exchange.

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