ZenChat was the first application on the Horizen blockchain. It allows you to exchange messages with state-of-the-art security via our flagship app, Sphere by Horizen.


To start a chat, you only have to exchange a conversation key with the person you want to message. Your conversation key is basically your contact on the blockchain. As soon as you have exchanged the conversation key you can start messaging each other with the highest level of privacy possible. Users are able to communicate 1-on-1 or through group messages.

In order to reduce spam, each message is charged a small transaction fee 0.0001 ZEN, so you need some ZEN to start using ZenChat. This means you can send 10,000 messages per ZEN. This is sufficiently low for regular users to not spend a lot of money on communication, but sufficiently high to prevent spam across the network.

Go ahead and try it for yourself! You can download Sphere by Horizen here. After the setup procedure, make sure to go to Settings and enable the full mode. If you don’t have any ZEN already, you can visit our Faucet and get a small amount of free ZEN for testing purposes. You don’t need to register with us in order to use our Faucet. All you need to do is provide a ZEN address and complete a CAPTCHA.