Wallet A wallet is a program on your computer or smartphone that lets you receive and send money. In order to do that, it needs access to your cryptographic keys. A wallet will help you create and manage your public and private keys, which work like your email address (public key) and your email password (private key). An important difference to a regular wallet you are using every day is that you don't keep your money in your crypto wallet.

Your money lives on the blockchain. In order to spend your money, you must use your private key to unlock it. A wallet is more similar to a keychain than an actual wallet in this sense.

The best way to understand how a cryptocurrency wallet works is to actually use it!

Try our newest wallet, Sphere by Horizen, if you would like to test how sending and receiving work. You can go to our Faucet where you will get a small amount of free ZEN. We have created our Faucet so that new users can try performing ZEN transfers for themselves, without having to register with an exchange or to buy ZEN.

The amount you receive will be enough to create a few small transactions so you can try both receiving and sending ZEN for yourself.